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Why choose Drilling Systems?

Put simply, simulation is the most effective way to learn. Drilling Systems’ advanced simulators provide realistic and immersive learning environments that emulate drilling, well control, well intervention and crane operations in real-time. Personnel are given the opportunity to rehearse challenging or infrequent operations in a safe environment which ultimately enables operational excellence in the field.


Serving the needs of the global oil and gas industry for more than 30 years.


The world’s number one with unrivalled knowledge and expertise that is utilised by a network of industry-leading clients and partners.


Over 1,500 Drilling Systems’ simulators across more than 60 countries are helping raise drilling standards across the world.


Investing in personnel development helps reduce human error, boost safety and improve operational performance.


Making mistakes in the virtual world ensures they don't happen in the real one.


Practice makes perfect. Train for infrequent, challenging operations as well as everyday tasks.

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Ultimately improving oil production levels.

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Driving reductions in non-productive time and improvements in asset up-time.


Enhancing employee productivity with continuous learning to reduce operational costs.


We’re at the forefront of technology developments for the oil and gas industry with new innovations such as virtual reality, digital twins, software for training and competency management, v-Learning and e-Learning.


Whether you’re a small operation or a large global business, we offer a wide range of scalable, flexible simulator training solutions.

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Real-world scenarios create an immersive learning experience to develop and test competence.

Connected Software

Our simulators connect seamlessly to powerful Learning and Competence Management Software which allows you to track and monitor your workforce's performance via real-time dashboards.

Harnessing the power of 3t Energy Group.

Comprised of Drilling Systems, AIS Survivex, 3t Transform, UCT, and joint venture 3t EnerMech, 3t Energy Group‘s (3t) portfolio of businesses offer blended training, learning and upskilling programmes utilising advanced world-leading technology to create a more confident and competent workforce. 

Committed to exceeding varying cultural and regional training needs, we are proud to be a part of 3t Energy Group where we are harnessing the power of 3t’s leading businesses to help you develop the technical capabilities of your workforce and the operational efficiency of your business.

"The performance of the simulators for volumetric well control, stripping operations, deepwater, well control and problem presentation is superior. The scope of simulation from both systems has met the needs of our drilling operations and the technical support and service from the Drilling Systems team has been superior."

William J Zukiwski, Technical Advisor, EnCana Corporation