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The most effective method of learning

There are numerous industries and professions who operate in high risk performance environments and who have already incorporated simulated technology as a fundamental and integral element of their training and assessment programs with dramatic effects and results.

High Reliability Organizations (HROs) include: - Commercial Aviation, Military, Medical, Nuclear, NASA, Motor Racing, Law enforcement and of course Oil & Gas.

Assessing and verifying competence not 'assuming' it

A competent person is someone who has the correct KNOWLEDGE, ABILITY, TRAINING, and EXPERIENCE for the task at hand AND who is able to DEMONSTRATE this in practice”

Simulators provide the ability for personnel to perform and practice critical high risk operational tasks in simulated conditions with potentially unforeseen hazardous scenarios in a safe and cost efficient manner that are impossible to replicate in a live environment.

Simulators also provide an organization with the ability to verify individuals or a team’s actual competence by getting them to actually demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and ability to do the right thing at the right time.

Drill Well on Simulator (DWOS)

By drilling the well on a simulator (DWOS), multiple variations and options in the design of the well and the drilling operation itself can be tried, tested and the best options confirmed in a safe and cost effective environment resulting in reduced well spread costs and improved operational performance and efficiency.

Conducting structured and robust DWOS programs will also promote team building and enable the entire wells team to improve communications, problem solving skills, planning, cross discipline understanding and awareness which will also help to reduce non - productive time and improve the wells team’s ability to deliver a successful well under budget. 

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