Virtual Reality is fast becoming the very latest technology allowing the creation of ever-more-real and immersive experiences. Drilling Systems is at the forefront of research and development in looking at how this can be used in the training environment.  

From experiencing the giddying heights of standing on the fingerboard at the top of a Derrick, to full rig-site familiarisation, our VR packages can be developed to work alongside our current simulator software so that students experience drilling, well control or lifting from every conceivable angle.

The interactivity we have built into our VR systems also adds another dimension to the virtual world allowing the student to experience and carry out a wide range of tasks from opening and closing valves to making up and breaking pipe.

Drilling Systems future technologyThis combined with augmented features such as the ability to view fluid flows INSIDE pipework and the internal mechanisms of systems operating on site, gives an even greater learning and understanding of rig operations as well as the cause and effects of any actions taken.

Even 'worst case' scenarios can be experienced from dropped objects to full rig emergencies, reinforcing and 'safely' demonstrating just how important human factors are in ensuring safety on the rig.

It is said that training on full-scale simulators is a practice that has been shown to be a much more effective tool for knowledge retention and effective long-term skills training than traditional study methods. Virtual reality takes that immersive 'full-sized' simulation to even greater depths.

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