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Fully scalable simulation training solutions

DrillSIM-5 Laptop no HUDTechnology imageFrom a solo training operation through to the development of a training system that will fit inside any size of classroom or building, we can provide the expertise and knowledge to create a solution that works for you.

Our suite of simulation solutions can be utilized for all your learning, development, and operational performance requirements across Drilling, Well intervention and lifting operations.

All systems from desktop-based units to full sized systems can also be linked together utilizing our DrillSIM Suite Manager package for a completely wholistic and fully-immersive training environment.

30 years of unrivalled simulation experience

We have provided over 1000 simulators across the globe, from our most portable DrillSIM-5 simulator through to our largest full-sized advanced cyber-based DrillSIM-6000. This unrivalled experience and knowledge, means that we can provide the most extensive selection of training simulator solutions available. This extends not just to equipment but advice on product selection, hardware and software design through to manufacture, final installation and instructor training.

Our new Integrated Advisory Service (IAS) team is composed of senior industry professionals with extensive operational field experience with training, competence and development expertise. They can work with you to help analyse, determine and design what the most effective and optimized training infrastructure would be to meet your current and future needs.

We will work with you by fully understanding what challenges you face and what your vision and objectives are. We will then conduct an in-depth analysis of your current training infrastructure, learning, development and competence programs and will work directly with you to develop the system and programs that best suit your actual needs. 

Instructor training

Every simulator that we supply is often new or the latest technology. To that end we can provide our Drilling Systems Instructor Program (DSIP), designed to help ensure that your instructor team receives the relevant level of training to become fully competent in the operation of our simulation systems and that they have the underpinning knowledge required to utilize the simulators to their full potential and therefore maximize your return on investment.

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