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Well Intervention Simulators

Drilling Systems' well intervention simulators are designed to challenge and evaluate personnel from entry level to senior engineers. The interactive range of simulators includes full-size and portable models that offer real-time well intervention training for coiled tubing, wireline and snubbing operations.

Our range of Well Intervention Simulators

3D graphical representation of a wireline operation taking place on a land rig


Challenge and evaluate wireline operators with real-time well intervention training for braided and slickline operations including rigging up, lubricator operations and pressure control.

The hardware consoles for Drilling Systems' CTS:5000 well intervention simulator for coiled tubing operations


Challenge and evaluate coil tubing operators and supervisors with accurately recreating operations including initial rig up to pumping, pressure testing, hydraulic control and coil running operations.

Graphic view of a snubbing rig up on land on Drilling Systems' SnubSIM:5000 well intervention simulator for snubbing operations


Educate and evaluate snubbing operations trainees with immense flexibility in the software and simulated equipment to snub the string in or out of a well and perform well intervention and well control exercises.

Altus Intervention MultiSIM well intervention simulator


Deliver real-time training for a wide range of well intervention operations in one advanced portable simulator that combines the core software from CTS:5000 and WirelineSIM:5000.

“With this simulator, we can provide well intervention training at all experience levels from our new trainees through to supervisors. Furthermore, we can incorporate emergency situations into our training, allowing the instructor to assess the candidate’s response as if it were an unexpected and real event.”

Garry Mitchie, President, Altus Intervention UK