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Drilling and Well Control Simulators

Drilling Systems' DrillSIM simulators meet and exceed IADC and IWCF standards to offer the ultimate industry standard in drilling and well control training. Our models range from portable and full-size conventional drilling and well control simulators to advanced cyberbase models with bespoke options for specific customer requirements.

Portable Simulators

On The Rig (OTR) Receives IWCF Accreditation

On The Rig (OTR)

Real-time drilling, well control and crane training.

DrillSIM 5 drilling and well control simulation software on five computer screens in a classroom environment


Software-based drilling and well control training.

DrillSIM:20 drilling and well control simulator choke panels


Cost effective hands-on well control training.

DrillSIM:Educator screens in a classroom


A cutting-edge teaching tool for the classroom.

DrillSIM:50 drilling and well control simulator consoles with transparent background


Regulatory drilling and well control training.

Full-size simulators


Equipment and operational malfunctions

  • Hoisting system malfunctions – motor failure, IBOP leaks, erratic torque etc
  • Rig equipment malfunctions – bumps, blowout preventer (BOP) leader, accumulators
  • Choke malfunctions – chock plugging, seizure and washouts
  • Pressure problems – wellhead leaks, manifold valve leaks

Additional functionality

  • BOP landing and lower marine riser package (LMRP) disconnect
  • Drilling alarms – general, abandon, gas
  • Subsea BOP pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Tide effects on riser
  • Heave, roll and pitch weather effects on mud tanks

"We have heavily invested in our simulator facility to ensure workers in the oil and gas industry are trained to the highest possible standards and are fully competent to cope with the challenges of working in the field.”

Jørgen Eriksen, Head of Petroleum, Fagskolen