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Crane and Lifting Simulators

Drilling Systems' crane operator training simulators are the most innovative and flexible solutions available in crane and lifting training. The KraneSIM range meet and exceed various lifting standards ensuring trainees are exposed to a wide range of real-time scenarios that would otherwise take years to experience.

Our range of Crane and Lifting Simulators


Deliver mobile or classroom crane and lifting training to teach specific lessons in real-time including operating in dangerous conditions and responding to equipment malfunctions.

KraneSIM:6000 crane and lifting simulator


Meet and exceed crane and lifting training standards with a full-size immersive simulator that includes a range of crane types, offshore installations, supply vessels and load objects.

On The Rig (OTR) portable drilling simulator

On The Rig (OTR)

Bring real-time crane and lifting training to your rig or site with a portable simulator that is revolutionising how training is delivered for the drilling industry.


  • Offshore pedestal, knuckle boom, boom box and riser gantry rig configurations
  • Crane operators’ roles and responsibilities
  • Crane daily and pre-start checks
  • Crane controls
  • Planning a lift
  • Banksman’s role
  • Selection and inspection of lifting gear
  • Rigging and slinging
  • Cargo inspection and loading
  • Voice procedures
  • Decision-making, leadership and deck management
  • Deck lifts, blind lifts, supply vessel lifts
  • Handling malfunctions – mechanical, electrical, environmental
  • Varying weather conditions

“If operators delay their response on the simulator, the fault worsens in a realistic way and demands increasingly radical intervention to prevent potential damage or injury. The simulator gives operators the confidence of knowing no damage can be done in problem situations which allows them to focus on the solution.”

Alex Craib, Chief Instructor, Sparrows

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