Our Products

Drilling Systems’ advanced simulators provide realistic and immersive learning environments that simulate real-time drilling equipment, well control, well intervention and crane and lifting operations. Our range of simulators come in all shapes and sizes with bespoke options available to meet your specific requirements.

On The Rig: OTR

On The Rig is a real-time portable simulator that brings drilling and equipment operations, well control and crane training to the rig.

Features & Benefits

The simulator is revolutionising how training is delivered for the drilling industry with its ability to deliver continuous training, development and assessment.


The DrillSIM:6000 the most advanced cyberbase simulator that offers the ultimate flexibility in drilling and well control training.

Features & Benefits

The simulator is configured to recreate a specific rig model and emulate equipment from any vendor and all major rig systems. Bespoke packages are available with customisable features dependant on space and requirements.


The DrillSIM:5000 is the global standard of advanced drilling and well control simulation.

Features & Benefits

The accurate representation of a conventional rig floor and 3D graphics creates a highly realistic and immersive simulation environment that brings the rig to the trainee.