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Digital Twins

Fully immersive 'digital twin' learning environments that emulate your own rigs and equipment systems with full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities.

Fully Customisable

Four features that can all be customised to your exact requirements.

Cyberchair controls on a Drilling Systems DrillSIM:6000 drilling and well control simu

Cyberchair controls

The physical controls are manufactured in accordance with your rig design and can be interchanged to allow a quick switch between rig types.

A screenshot of the interface and control systems on a DrillSIM:6000 drilling and well control simulator digital twin

Interface and control systems

Your own Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens that emulate your rig-specific controls.

A 3d image of the digital twin environment on a DrillSIM:6000 drilling and well control simulator

Digital twin 3D environment

Accurate 3D models of your rig and equipment including pipe handling equipment, rotary system, drill floor layout, crane and hoisting system.

A 3d screenshot of equipment operations on a DrillSIM:6000 drilling and well control simulator

Operating procedures

A fully immersive learning experience in accordance with your rig-specific or company-specific operating procedures.


Offshore Rig

  • Jackup, semi-submersible or drillship
  • Drilling and well control
  • Stand building / breaking
  • Compensators – CMC, CMC-E, AHC, AHD
  • Gas handler / mud gas separator
  • Casing stand building and running
  • Running riser, riser tensioners (including tide effects)
  • Blowout preventor (BOP) landing, emergency disconnects and pressure testing rams
  • Negative pressure test
  • Connection fingerprinting / real-time trending
  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD) integration
  • Application programming interface (API) connectivity

Onshore Rig

  • Drilling and well control
  • Pipe handling
  • Gas handler / mud gas separator
  • Casing
  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD) integration
  • Mouse hole operations
  • Stab in full opening safety valve (FOSV)
  • Configurable mud pumps and mud tank system



DrillSIM:600 drilling and well control simulator


Enable operators to practice drilling and well control operations in their own real-life environment with an immersive cyberbase simulator emulating specific rig types and equipment.

DrillSIM:6000 drilling and well control simulator


Train the driller and assistant driller in real-time with the most advanced cyberbase dual-chair simulator including bespoke packages and customisable features dependant on requirements.

The portable On The Rig (OTR) drilling, well control and crane training simulator

On The Rig (OTR)

Revolutionise the way you deliver training to your drillers with a portable simulator that brings drilling and equipment operations, well control and crane training to the rig.

"We are not aware of any other provider of drilling simulators that have the same level of functionality and simulation capabilities, nor do they have the abilities to create bespoke rig packages that match the capabilities of current operating rigs."

Steve Collard, Managing Director, WellTrain Limited