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Drilling Systems’ advanced simulators provide realistic and immersive learning environments that simulate real-time drilling equipment, well control, well intervention and crane and lifting operations. Our range of simulators come in all shapes and sizes with bespoke options available to meet your specific requirements.


iDrillSIM is a cloud-based version of the DrillSIM drilling and well control simulator that runs on a device connected to the internet.

Features & Benefits

Using industry-standard browsers, an instructor is able to lead a drilling and well control scenario with multiple candidates joining at the same time - a truly virtual classroom experience.


The DrillSIM:10 is a multi-screen drilling and well control simulator.

Features & Benefits

The interactive simulator offers a low price entry point to compliance-based well control training for the driller and supervisor.

On The Rig: OTR

On The Rig is a real-time portable simulator that brings drilling and equipment operations, well control and crane training to the rig.

Features & Benefits

The simulator is revolutionising how training is delivered for the drilling industry with its ability to deliver continuous training, development and assessment.


The DrillSIM:6000 the most advanced cyberbase simulator that offers the ultimate flexibility in drilling and well control training.

Features & Benefits

The simulator is configured to recreate a specific rig model and emulate equipment from any vendor and all major rig systems. Bespoke packages are available with customisable features dependant on space and requirements.

DrillSIM:5000 Cyber

The DrillSIM:5000 Cyber ​​offers versatile and affordable drilling and well control simulation to a global standard.

Features & Benefits

Cyber ​​controls and 3D quad-screen graphics create a highly realistic and engaging simulated environment of modern equipment with joystick controls.

DrillSIM:5000 Classic

The DrillSIM:5000 Classic is the global standard of advanced drilling and well control simulation.

Features & Benefits

The accurate representation of a conventional rig floor and 3D graphics creates a highly realistic and immersive simulation environment that brings the rig to the trainee.


The DrillSIM:600 is an advanced cyberbase simulator that offers unique drilling and well control training.

Features & Benefits

The simulator can be customised to emulate specific rig types and equipment which enables operators to practice in their own real-life environment.


The DrillSIM:50 is a portable real-time drilling and well control simulator.

Features & Benefits

The simulator includes four consoles, a touchscreen student station and a laptop instructor station which can be quickly transported between classrooms and sites to deliver interactive well control training.


The DrillSIM:20 is a portable real-time drilling and well control simulator.

Features & Benefits

The interactive simulator is a cost-effective means of delivering hands-on well control training to recognised accreditation standards.


The DrillSIM:5 is a software-based simulator that delivers a wide range of real-time drilling and well control simulations.

Features & Benefits

The software displays interactive on-screen versions of the control panels present in simulator hardware to ensure a realistic experience that provides the end user with proven reliability and confidence.


The DrillSIM:Educator is a cutting-edge teaching tool that is specifically designed for delivering training scenarios in-line with course programmes.

Features & Benefits

The simulator combines interactive drilling controls with two graphic display screens to show what happens to surface equipment and what happens downhole during drilling operations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the practical operations taking place.

The cyber controls and 3D quad-screen graphics create a highly realistic and immersive simulated environment of a modern rig with joystick controls.

Both simple and highly complex tasks and scenarios can be recreated to verify skills and competency in real-world situations.

DrillSIM Suite Manager

A DrillSIM software package license can be added to DrillSIM:5000 Cyber to create a multi-station training environment. Simulations can be observed, monitored and managed from one central instructor station that provides data on the student activity and progress on each simulator.

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Industry standards

DrillSIM:5000 Cyber meets and exceeds oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards such as IADC Driller and Supervisor and IWCF levels 3 and 4.


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3D graphics and cyber chair with built-in cyber drilling controls.

Realistic Icon Blue


Low price entry point to full-size drilling and well control simulators.

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Reduce non-productive time and increase efficiency by simulating operations in a dynamic environment before carrying them out in the field.

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Trainees can understand the consequences of their actions in various drilling operations with 3D visualisation of what is happening on the surface and downhole.


  • Cyber chair with built-in controls
  • Large thin bezel quad-screen display
  • Realistic 3D graphic visualisations
  • Both land and offshore capability
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities
  • Optional range of full-size additional consoles including BOP and manifolds
The Drilling Systems' DrillSIM:5000 Cyber Chair drilling and well control simulator


The DrillSIM:5000 Cyber can be utilised to develop and run exercises including, but not limited to:

  • Oil-based mud, bubble point and gas flash out
  • Gas expansion and migration
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Lost circulation, loss zones and leak off testing
  • Wellbore ballooning/breathing
  • Horizontal and deviated wells
  • Hole cleaning, turbulent, laminar flow
  • Drilling on junk, pipe twist-off, stuck pipe
  • Sloughing, differential sticking, key seating, pack-off
  • High pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells
  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD)
  • Drilling and tripping

… and many more.

"The ability to practice a wide range of high-risk operational scenarios in safety is one of the most valuable tools of simulation and it is events that cannot be replicated on the job where competency can truly make a difference. This is a fantastic resource, which will put Saipem personnel at the forefront of global drilling and competency standards and will help to cement our reputation for technical excellence.”

Ben Saipen, SAS Drilling Instructor, Saipem