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Simulator range

Virtual Reality Solutions

Drilling Systems is integrating advanced simulation software with virtual reality technology to create ever more real and immersive training experiences.

Drilling Systems is developing virtual reality packages that work alongside our current simulation software to allow trainees to experience drilling, well control or lifting from every conceivable angle.

From experiencing the giddy height of standing on a fingerboard at the top of a derrick to full rig-site familiarisation, virtual reality is enhancing the first person training experience.

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Augmented features provide the ability to view fluid flows inside pipework and the internal mechanisms of systems operating on-site.


Experiencing emergencies in a virtual world reinforces the importance of human factors in ensuring safety on the rig.

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The interactivity built into virtual reality systems adds another dimension to the virtual world that allows trainees to experience carrying out a wide range of tasks.

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Operators become familiar with a rig before they step foot on it and know where they need to be when they arrive.


  • Functional tools and other interactable objects
  • Custom animated characters with high quality voice acting
  • Real-time physics-based fluid system portraying gas, liquids and fires
  • Scenarios respond direct to user interaction
  • Full digital hazard and disaster recreations


Virtual reality can provide a greater understanding of operations as well as the cause and effects of actions including:

  • Opening and closing valves
  • Making up and breaking pipe
  • Dropped objects
  • Full rig emergencies

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