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The KraneSIM:60 is a portable crane and lifting simulator ideally suited for classroom or mobile operations. An instructor can set up simulation scenarios easily and control the simulation exercise.

The simulator does not lead trainees through the operation, but requires them to think for themselves, learn from their mistakes and allows their operational expertise to be assessed.

The KraneSIM:60 console and laptops can be set-up on a desk or table and connected to a TV to create an instantaneous training environment.

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Industry standards

The KraneSIM:60 meets and exceeds lifting standards to teach specific lessons in real-time including operating in dangerous conditions and responding to equipment malfunctions.



Easy to transport between classrooms and sites.

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Real-time graphic displays.

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Maximise return on investment and reduce the logistics costs of training with a portable simulator that can be transported to any convenient location.

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Improve the decision-making skills of trainees in a real-life scenario by simulating dangerous conditions and equipment malfunctions.


  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Supplied with protective transport cases
  • Includes drilling controls and remote choke consoles, a touchscreen PC and a laptop
  • 3D schematic view of the rig floor and downhole graphic views
  • Capable of running exercises developed on the full-size KraneSIM:6000
  • Additional graphical on-screen representation of additional controls and instrumentation
  • Supports a multi-station training environment when used in conjunction with the DrillSIM:Suite Manager or DrillSIM:Educator package
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities
KraneSIM:60 3D Digital Render


The KraneSIM range of simulators fully integrate with competency assessments including:

  • BS 7121
  • API
  • IADC