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iDrillSIM is a cloud-based version of the DrillSIM drilling and well control simulator that runs on a device connected to the internet.

The simulator meets and exceeds the IADC and IWCF well control accreditation standards. Using industry-standard browsers, an instructor is able to lead a drilling and well control scenario with multiple candidates joining at the same time – a truly virtual classroom experience.

The iDrillSIM displays interactive on-screen versions of the control panels present in simulator hardware to ensure a realistic experience that provides the end user with proven reliability and confidence.


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No hardware or software installation.

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Enhance remote training with interactive, high-fidelity simulations.


Facilitate instructor-led, team-based training by remotely running the same simulation, at the same, to multiple people.

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Send scenarios as an instructor and remotely review responses from each individual.


  • Accessible from an internet browser
  • Instructor-led exercises
  • Land and offshore capabilities
  • Unlimited exercises (snapshots)
  • Individual or team exercises
  • Interactive on-screen control panels
  • Built on the DrillSIM downhole model
  • IADC and IWCF required malfunctions included


iDrillSIM can be utilised to develop and run exercises including, but not limited to:

  • Oil-based mud, bubble point and gas flash out
  • Gas expansion and migration
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Formation fluid type and permeability
  • Bottom hole effects – equivalent circulating density, surge and swab
  • Horizontal and deviated wells
  • Rock strength and abrasiveness
  • Choke washout and plugging
  • IADC and IWCF required malfunctions
  • Drilling and tripping

“The students have been surprised and pleased to be able to operate remotely using Drilling Systems’ new cloud-based well control software, which has allowed us to continue teaching our well control course even after the semester went to online instruction only. The results have exceeded our expectations, and we can see this solution positively impacting well-control training even after the stay-at-home directives are relaxed.“

Karsten Thompson, Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering Chair, Louisiana State University (LSU)