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eDrillSIM is a complete eLearning system for drilling, well control and well engineering. Every aspect of the well construction process at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels is covered in the 46 eLearning modules included.

The eDrillSIM modules have been developed by subject matter experts with a combined experience of over 300 years.

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Industry standards

eDrillSIM includes well control eLearning modules that provide the knowledge required for IADC WellSharp and IWCF examinations.



Required modules can be pushed out to trainees to allow them to learn and progress at their own pace.


Courses provide in-depth explanations on why problems occur and how to prevent them rather than just what to do when they happen.

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Avoid skills fade and keep knowledge current between bi-annual certifications.

On Demand

Allow trainees to access courses from any device with an internet connection while monitoring and recording their progress.


  • 46 eLearning modules
  • Corresponding tests for each module
  • User privacy protection
  • Engineering calculations, examples and tips
  • Descriptions of tools and their operations
  • Cloud-based learning management system
  • Application programming interface (API) to integrate with existing learning management system (LMS) or equivalent platform
  • Aligned to Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) competency matrix


eDrillSIM module categories include:

  • Downhole complications
  • Drill bits
  • Drillstring and bottom hole assembly
  • Directional and horizontal drilling
  • Well and casing design
  • Cementing operations
  • Drilling operations
  • Rig equipment
  • Mud and hydraulics
  • Well control (including IADC WellSharp and IWCF)

"When face-to-face teaching was disturbed; luckily, our learning didn't have to stop. The interactive engaging environment that eDrillSIM presents is instrumental in virtual education - the new normal. Our students at the University of Wyoming enjoy learning the different facets of drilling engineering and well control, thanks to our partners at Drilling Systems."

Tafwik Elshehabi, Senior Lecturer, University of Wyoming