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Simulator range


The DrillSIM:Educator is a cutting-edge teaching tool that is specifically designed for delivering training scenarios in-line with course programmes.

The simulator combines interactive drilling controls with two graphic display screens to provide a visual understanding of drilling and well control operations.

These displays show what happens to surface equipment and what happens downhole during drilling operations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the practical operations taking place.


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Cutting-edge software and rig visuals create greater realism to stimulate learning.

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Supports theoretical study with practical training.

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Demonstrate drilling and well control principles in real-time.

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Provide student with industry specific training and competence to produce truly industry ready graduates.


  • 55″ interactive touchscreen
  • Two 65″ display screens with advanced surface and downhole graphics
  • Individual instructor station with 19″ monitor and fly-around joystick for scenario building and exercise control
  • Full 3D visualisation of the rig environment
  • DrillSIM:Suite Manager option to manage the activities of multiple students simultaneously and link to other drilling simulators
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities
DrillSIM:Educator 3D Digital Render


The DrillSIM:Educator can be utilised to develop and run exercises including, but not limited to:

  • Oil-based mud, bubble point and gas flash out
  • Gas expansion and migration
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Formation fluid type and permeability
  • Bottom hole effects – equivalent circulating density, surge and swab
  • Horizontal and deviated wells
  • Sloughing, differential sticking, key seating, pack-off
  • Rock strength and abrasiveness
  • Choke washout and plugging
  • IADC and IWCF required malfunctions
  • Drilling and tripping

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