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Improving productivity and performance

A cultural shift to continuous development

The most effective way of improving competence is through utilizing progressive and continuous learning and development programs. These should incorporate robust and verified competence programs utilising simulation which can then be embedded into an organization's operational culture.

With the very difficult and challenging times currently facing the industry it has never been more vitally important that an organization provides excellent safety and operational performance to its customers. In order to achieve that standard of excellence an organization must have the most competent and capable people.


The importance of competence assessment

Even with the highest standard of rig equipment available it is the competence of its personnel that directly affects an organizations reputation, safety and operational performance.

In turn this will affect its ability to be successful and maximise the potential revenue and efficiency of the business.

Training is one of the key areas required to develop competent personnel and if the quality of the training content and delivery is correct it will enable personnel to improve their skills, knowledge of the operation and enable them to execute their duties and tasks to a standard of operational excellence.

IASA chart ex-years

Drillers OERs (operation event report) vs Competence Assessment Compliance over a 3 year period

We have now introduced our Integrated Advisory Service with the objective of improving performance and productivity at the rig site even further.

By conducting an assessment of your workforce’s actual competence standards and completing a detailed analysis of your learning, development, competence programs and training infrastructure we can help you to understand where the strengths and improvement opportunities are in your operation.

The IAS team can then help to create implementation plans and develop programs that will build on those strengths and improve the identified opportunities for improvement for both the organization and its individuals.


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