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  • Our KraneSIM® range of Crane Operator Training Simulators represents the most innovative and unique concept in crane training simulation today.
  • Highly effective and comprehensive tools
  • Train your personnel in a safe and realistic environment
  • Trainees can experience a wide range of conditions and situations that would otherwise take years to develop.
  • Use state of the art technology
  • Provide unrivalled realism by placing the operator in a fully immersive simulation environment.
  • Provided in varying model configurations to meet any training need and budgets.
  • Flexible - allow implementation to complement your own training and competency assurance programmes.
  • Adaptable to virtually any offshore environment.
  • Dynamic wire-rope model, whole-of-scene collision scenarios
  • Comprehensive suite of malfunction scenarios and varying weather conditions to challenges the most experienced crane operator and crew.
  • Exercise 'Deja vu' recording and playback provides independent proof of the performance and competency of the operator.

Kransesim 6000 2

KraneSIM 6000 logo

  • Full size advanced crane operations training simulator
  • Incorporates a replica crane operators cab
  • Totally immersive learning environment
  • Designed to meet the training requirements of Offshore Operators and Drilling Contractors, Oil Companies and Training Organisations.
  • Generic and/or specific crane training and related combined ship operations.  
  • Meet OPITO standards  

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