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The KraneSIM, Crane Operator Training Simulator, is a full size advanced crane operations training simulator. It is designed to meet the training requirements of Offshore Operators and Drilling Contractors, Oil Companies and Training Organisations. KraneSIM can fulfil an organizations requirement for generic and/or specific crane training and related combined ship operations.  The KraneSIM solutions are designed to meet OPITO standards and was the original basis on which OPITO based their standard.  

The full-sized platform-based KraneSIM-6000 incorporates a replica crane operators cab creating a totally immersive learning environment with either mixed dome, projection system or large HD LCD/LED monitors screen options.

Standard features include:-

  • Generic or crane specific plug-and-play panniers
  • Pedestal, knuckle boom, box boom cranes 
  • Any offshore installation design / layout
  • Variable weather conditions
  • Comprehensive selection of malfunctions 
  • Déjà vu for session recording and review
  • Fully integrate with competency assessments
    • LOLER
    • BS 7121
    • API
    • NORSOK
    • OPITO
    • IADC

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