A New Way To Deliver On-Site Continuous Assessment, Training And Development.

ON THE RIG (OTR) is a fully portable mobile simulation platform bringing training to the well site. This compact unit offers full training simulation in multiple disciplines, covering areas such as Drilling, Well Control, and Lifting.

The highly adaptable OTR platform offers comprehensive learning integration capability for competence assessment and development. OTR has an easy-to-use learning management interface designed specifically for stand-alone operation but can be used in conjunction with an instructor when required.

OTR brings together the use of simulation technology at its core and the most comprehensive learning system available in a single package to deliver continuous training, development and competence assessment from the start of operations.

Combining this with Drilling Systems new module-drive route-to-competence package, theory can be put into practice allowing continuous training in a safe environment. This increases knowledge retention, ensures safe process and practices while allowing current skills to be assessed and improved while ‘on the job’ in the field.

In addition, as improvement opportunities are identified using OTR, learning and development programs can be implemented to ensure competence standards across the workforce can be continuously improved.

Ian Hudson CEO explains more on OTR at ADIPEC 2017

Drilling Systems OTR learning management system

Utilises an all-new comprehensive route to competence program to improve safety and efficiency and achieve operational excellence across all operational areas;

  • Learning and development
  • Competence assessment and management by discipline
  • Crew development plan support
  • Operational integrity
  • Personal safety
  • Performance improvement programs

New Learning Management System

  • User friendly app-style interface
  • Easy click to launch system
  • Stand alone or instructor driven
  • Module-driven content
  • Easy tracking and reporting of progress and development

Comprehensive module based training and competence program

  • Well control
  • Drilling practices
  • BOP landing
  • LMRP disconnects
  • MPD ready
  • DWOS
  • Complex lifts
  • Banksman
  • Human factors/CRM
  • Operational readiness
  • Lifting
  • Deck operations

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