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Integrated Solutions

As part of the 3t Energy Group, Drilling Systems offers a range of technology and services that seamlessly integrate with your simulators to offer a tailored solution for any workforce.

Cloud-based software modules

Transform's training management software module

Training Management

Manage every aspect of your organisation's training and booking workflow with powerful training management software.

Transform's learning management software module

Learning Management

Build and manage a portfolio of eLearning and vLearning courses tailored to your organisation using your own courses and a vast library of existing courses.

Transform's competency management software module

Competency Management

Maximise the potential of your workforce by identifying skills and development gaps with competency management software.

Immersive learning technology

Transform's R3 app


Deliver subject-focused learning workouts, quizzes and knowledge building exercises to your workforce rapidly and effectively with an on-demand, mobile-based app.

Transform's eLearning software

eLearn and vLearn

Provide flexible and cost-effective training to your workforce anytime, anywhere with engaging eLearning and vLearning content.

Tranform's virtual reality technology

Virtual Reality

Deliver truly immersive, highly realistic and entirely tailor learning experiences with replications of your real-world assets in the virtual world.

Training services

AIS Training's training management service

Training Management Service

Manage every aspect of your workforce training from sourcing, booking and delivering training to managing the compliance, competency and development of your entire workforce.

Survivex's onboard training service

Onboard Training

Improve competency and operational performance while reducing training costs with onboard training that can be delivered anywhere in the world.

AIS Training's bespoke training service

Bespoke Training

Deliver training specifically tailored for your personnel with customised scenarios and bespoke content based on your environment, numbers and timescales.