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Kevin Franklin - Interim Chief Executive Officer

Highly experienced with proven experience of business reorganisation, cost reduction and cash generation. Kevin has assisted shareholders and colleagues divest of businesses and raise finance as well as merger and acquisition activity. An FCA of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Kevin has worked on projects with Oxford Aviation Academy, Lifeways, Bowater Group, Right 4 Staff and AHL Aviation Security amongst numerous others. 

Clive Battisby  - Chief Operating Officer

Clive joined Drilling Systems in 1990 and assumed the responsibility of CEO at the time of acquisition of the company by Blue Water in April 2015. He has been a key contact throughout the company's evolution and is well known throughout the industry.  He is responsible for ensuring the on time delivery of projects to Clients, technical Sales and on-site simulator delivery.

Jim Krupa - Regional Director, Americas

Jim joined Drilling Systems in April, 2015.  Prior to joining, Jim spent 12 years in the Oil & Gas Industry in various positions as an Operations Manager, Software Quality Manager and Director of Product Management.  With a focus on customer service and his background in real-time data, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge to Drilling Systems and is well positioned to lead our Americas Region into the future.

Graeme Eglintine - Director Integrated Advisory Services

Director of our Integrated Advisory Services, Graeme joined Drilling Systems from Transocean in 2015 where he had 26 years of wide experience in the industry covering wide area of responsibilities from drilling through to HR and operations.

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