DrillSIM-Application Programming Interface (API)

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The simulators that we produce use a unique, internal mathematical model to calculate drilling and downhole data such as rate of penetration, mud pump pressure and bottom hole pressure. The calculations in place for these parameters are industry standard and are consistent across the DrillSIM series of simulators.
Our new API allows modification of this model to create customised versions;
  • Allows third party creation and deployment of customised versions of individual parameters
  • Create exclusive models tailored to specific requirements
  • Consists of multiple, standalone computer stations, with remote access to the main simulator.
  • Relays data between the simulator and those items sharing data with it.
  • Task students with writing the model for individual parameters using the interface.
  • Or use the API to develop new software drilling aid systems which can be modelled and tested on the DrillSIM simulators prior to deployment to the rig.
  • Advanced version of the DrillSIM API will allow users to model more complex functions
  • Develop new software to aid in drilling during difficult situations such as directional drilling. Users can use the DrillSIM API to create their own model for this to use on the simulator.
  • Model and test new software changes on the simulator before being distributed out to the field 
  • Improve safety and reduce cost.

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