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Single chair advanced drilling simulator

The DrillSIM-600 is a single seat cyber simulator typically focussed on modern AC land rig training, providing a truly immersive learning environment for the driller.   Team/rig based crew training (including well control to the International Standards) is achievable with additional consoles or touchscreens.

  •      Train in safety
  •      No risk to personnel, assets or the environment
  •      Recreate rig specific models
  •      Recreate scenarios and downhole conditions
  •      Reduce the learning curve
  •      Increase confidence of the driller and AD
  •      Reduce the reliance of “On-the-Rig Mentors” 
  •      Rig crew training and team problem solving
  •      Gap analysis in crew knowledge
  •      Use as an independent competency assessment tool
  •      Reducing Non-Productive Time (NPT)
  •      Comprehensive rig-crew training

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