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The largest of our conventional simulators, the DrillSIM-5000 Classic is based on a conventional rig floor with no automation (i.e. manual tongs etc), using a traditional drilling controls panel with analogue gauges and a manual brake.

The DrillSIM-5000 is the perfect tool for teaching new recruits in the industry in understanding the fundamentals around the drilling process or validating the competencies of experienced operators and meets the criteria specified by IWCF and IADC for industry accreditation.

Drill-well-on-sim (DWOS) expands your value in our simulators further by allowing operations to be simulated in a safe but dynamic and realistic environment before carying out work for real in the field saving time and providing an ultimately much more efficient and safe final result.

By linking the simulated “rig equipment” to the dynamic 3D graphical visualisation for both topside operations and what is happening 5000 feet down a deviated well, students very quickly become engaged and understand the consequences of their actions or equally their in-actions on the various different drilling operations.

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