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Our DrillSIM 5 downhole model and graphics package is the heart of what places us as market leaders in the Drilling and Well control simulator market. The last 30 years has seen our DrillSIM simulation engine continuously develop as technology has moved forward. 

Now in 2018 we can bring you an even more powerful, more capable and more adaptable simulation package to allow you to provide the very best possible immersive learning experience for your students and workforce alike.

The NEW DrillSIM-2018 enriched immersive experience features include:

  • Stunning 'VR ready' HD graphics for an even more immersive training experience
  • Animated and active avatars for added realism and interactivity
  • ‘3D' spatial sound system for added realism on the drill floor
  • Comprehensive 'Weather effects' package
  • Process 'augmented' graphics showing machinery operations and fluid flows within pipework and systems providing true cause-and-effect training capability (Currently on the Land Rig mud pumps and land rig mud gas separator)
  • Enhanced graphics delivery of key equipment such as manifolds, rig environment, weather effects, shadows and more

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DrillSIM's 2018 stunning new graphics with active avatars for added realism and augmented reailty overlays for true cause-and-effect training capability




Weather IF Mud Tanks SS Instructor Manifold wo manifold Tank Line Up SS

NEW interfaces for more clarity, control and management

New operational features include;

  • New Downhole graphics display with real time data and diagnostics capability in addition to innovative deviated well rendering
  • Stand building 
  • New Mud Pit Management system with multiple tanks and additional training complications and scenarios including blending across reserve and multiple active tanks etc. 
  • Pressure Testing –
    • BOPs (Surface / Subsea)
    • Cup / Plug Testers,
    • Manifolds (Standpipe / Choke / Cementing) 
    • Downhole (Negative / Inflow)
    • Top Drive / Kelly (FOSV / iBOP)
      • with all associated malfunctions
  • New driller support station graphics with real time EDR
  • NEW Chart Recorder function with full export capability ideal for analysis and comparison of individual student performance
  • Future proofed architecture for easy management of ongoing improvements and upgrades 
  • Enhanced Cementing Operations (optional module)
    • Kicks / Losses during cementing operations
    • Multiple Stages / Plugs
    • Cement Equipment Cutaways
  • Advanced Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) (optional module).
    • Pump Ramping
    • Active / Passive RCDs
    • Constant Bottom Hole
    • Drill Pipe & Casing Pressure Methods
    • Realtime Data Feedback in EDR Format” 


The DrillSIM-2018 Downhole Model


Influx Downhole


Real time data rich feedback

Fully configurable for:

  • Well modelling and planning exercises
  • Torque and drag modelling
  • Operations and procedural planning exercises
  • Additional malfunctions
    • Cementing
    • MPD
    • Workover
  • Additional training scenarios - cause and effect, influx management onwards to post-simulation analytics
  • Advanced hydraulics model

NEW Decommissioning module now available

Pressure testing operations


  • New dynamic and detailed downhole graphic presentation
  • Multiple formations / boundary mapping
  • Configurable for multiple BHAs and bit-types
  • Multiple BOP options - Surface, subsea

See below for full technical specifications and scope for the NEW DrillSIM-2018 model.


1) Standard Scope of Simulation


• Low pressure mud manifolds
• Charge pumps
• High pressure mud manifolds
• Riser booster pumps
• Gas handler
• Dual trip tanks
• Multiple mud tanks
• Mud mixing & transfer pumps
• Vacuum degasser
• Mud gas separator
• Mud properties
     – Density, PV & YP
• Density tracking
• Electronic mud pump popoffs
• Casing and pipe shear ram
• BOP pressure testing rams
• Compensators
     – block mounted
     – active crown mounted
     – passive crown mounted
     – active drawworks
• Manual choke, remote choke, bypass lines
• Choke inlet and isolation valves
• Surface BOP (air & electric)
• Subsea BOPs
– standard
– deepwater
– ultra deepwater
• Surface & subsea diverters
• Drill string valves
– Float, IBOP & Safety Valves
• Accurate modelling of accumulator behaviour



• Tapered drillstring
• Tapered casing strings
• Configurable pumps
• String configuration
     – stabilizers, jars, accelerators
     – DP, HWDP, drill collars, mud motors
     – float valves etc.
• Weather effects ~ tide, heave

Equipment and Operational Malfunctions

• Hoisting system malfunctions
    – motor failure, IBOP leaks
    – erratic torque etc
• Rig equipment malfunctions
     – pumps, BOP leaks, accumulators
• Choke malfunctions
     – choke plugging, seizure and washouts
• Pressure problems
     – Wellhead leaks, manifold valve leaks



Downhole Effects

• Water and oil based muds
• Bubble point and gas flash out
• Multiple kick zones
• Multiple loss zones
• Kick influx density
• Gas expansion & migration
• Reservoir drawdown & stabilisation
• Bullheading, underground blowout
• Dynamic pressures during well control
• Formation fluid type & permeability
• Leak off testing (LOT)
• Bottom hole effects
     – ECD, surge and swab
• Wellbore ballooning / breathing
• Horizontal & deviated wells
• Hole cleaning, turbulent, laminar flow
• Drilling on junk, pipe twist-off, stuck pipe
• Sloughing, differential sticking
• Key seating, pack-off
• Rock strength & abrasiveness
• Bit washout, bit plugging, bit Balling
• Drill string washout
• Fluid flow & pressure loss
• Lost circulation
• Hydrate problems on choke and kill lines

Well Control

  • Kicks while Drilling
  • Kicks while Tripping
  • Stripping
  • Kicks while out of hole
  • Kicks while running casing or liners
  • Kicks while cementing
  • Well Control Methods:
    • Driller’s
    • Wait and Weight
    • Volumetic
    • Lube & Bleed
    • Concurrent
    • Low Choke
    • Bullheading

Additional Functionality

  • BOP landing & LMRP disconnect
  • Drilling alarms (general / abandon / gas)
  • Subsea BOP pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Tide effects on riser
  • Heave, roll and pitch weather effects on mud tanks

2) Common Features & Options

DrillSIM Infrastructure Software

• I/O task and database managers
• Instructor station
• Student station
• Sound software
• Remote VPN support PC software
• Remote VPN support webcam software
• Downhole math models – surface
• Downhole math models – subsea
• MPD interface software
• Déjà vu data record and playback

Computer Racks

• Typically one rack per chair
• Industrial rack mounted PCs
• Main views
• Camera views including CCTV systems
• Sound effects and simulation computer
• Instructor station & flyaround
• Student station
• Human Machine Interface (HMI) front screens
• Spare PC, pre-loaded with all applications
• Pull-out keyboard, video, monitor (KVM)
• Session power switches
• Sequential start-up module
• Network hub / switch
• Power distribution, cooling fans


Instructor Zone

• Instructor desk
• Instructor control - dual 19” LCDs
• Instructor fly around - 19” LCD, joystick
• HMI repeater views
     – dual LCDs per driller and AD chairs
• A4 colour laser printer
• VoIP telephone
     – access to technical support team
• VPN webc

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