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Drilling and Well Control Simulators

Our extensive range covers the requirements needed by all training arenas from conventional 'manual brake' systems to todays advanced cyber-drilling rigs and will suit any training environment from the classroom environment to full rig-floor simulators. Our design team can help with the selection and integration of our simulators into your training environment from single units through to the design and installation of full training suites.


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Conventional Drilling and Well Control Simulators

Our conventional simulator range includes laptop/PC based simulators for the ultimate in portability, desk-based console systems providing more immersive single or multi-user training scenarios and full rig-floor simulators using a traditional drillings control panel with analogue gauges and a manual brake.

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DrillSim 6000Advanced Cyber-based Drilling and Well Control Simulators

To ensure drill crews deliver the highest operating performance using multi-million dollar cyber drilling assets, we offer the DrillSIM-6x series solutions.

From large dome projection systems to multiple LCD screen configurations, the DrillSIM-6x systems provide huge flexibility to the end-user through the innovative “plug and play” pannier system that enables different rig configurations to run on a single simulator.

These replicate today’s modern cyber rigs today which are either semi or fully automated and are run by intelligent computer software systems, with operator chairs, joysticks and touchscreen interfaces. With integrated rig control, anti-collision and zone management systems, the driller and assistant driller need skill sets that enable them to review, interpret and act on a large volume of data that is presented in front of them.

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Advanced software modules banner 700Specialised software modules

We also offer a range of specialised sofware modules to complement and enhance our standard simulator packages.

These extend both the range and capability of the software packages for expanding the depth of classroom and training suite use as well as allowing our simulators to be used for much more detailed research and development programmes

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