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Drill the Well on a Simulator

By Drilling the Well on Simulator multiple variations of well design and drilling operation can be tried and tested in a safe environment to determine the most cost-effective method of well delivery which ultimately reduces well spread costs.

Custom simulations can be created with Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS) to allow theoretical explanations to be carried out as a practical exercise. Operators and contractors can experience faults, failures, well control, power and station keeping problems. Teams can be assessed on their ability to work together to respond to incidents such as weather and power failure while gaining an increased awareness of various human factors that can impact safe operations.

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Conducting structured and robust DWOS programmes will promote team building. Well teams can DWOS together to improve communication and cross-discipline understanding and awareness.


Continuously rehearsing drilling scenarios in a safe environment helps to enhance employee productivity in real-world situations.

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DWOS can reduce non-productive time and improve the ability to deliver a successful well under budget.

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Rehearsing infrequent or difficult operations in a benign safe environment improves planning and problem-solving skills.

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