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Advanced Cyber-based Drilling and Well Control Simulators

To ensure drill crews deliver the highest operating performance using multi-million dollar cyber drilling assets, we offer the DrillSIM-Advanced series solutions.

From large dome projection systems to multiple LCD screen configurations, these advanced systems provide huge flexibility to the end-user through the innovative “plug and play” pannier system that enables different rig configurations to run on a single simulator.

These replicate today’s modern cyber rigs today which are either semi or fully automated and are run by intelligent computer software systems, with operator chairs, joysticks and touchscreen interfaces. With integrated rig control, anti-collision and zone management systems, the driller and assistant driller need skill sets that enable them to review, interpret and act on a large volume of data that is presented in front of them.

Features include:

  • Highly realistic and immersive learning environments to help reduce non-productive time
  • Downhole mathematical models fully integrated:
  • Realistic HMI responses/ data fed back to the driller
  • Well control (IADC WellSharp/IWCF), stuck pipe, MPD etc.
  • Multiple rig packages on one simulator
  • Ability to emulate equipment from any vendor
  • Experience with all major rig control systems
  • Accurate 3D models of rig and pipe-handling equipment
  • Different simulator environments depending on needs
  • Large-scale projection (warehouse), classroom
  • Containerised and desktop
  • Integrate with full size manifolds, BOPs etc
  • Drill the Well On Simulator (DWOS):
  • Drill and optimise your next well, ahead of time, in safety


Product range

OTR Logo (002)

  • Our latest and fully portable multi-discipline training simulator designed specifically for work-site competency assesment and training
  • Drilling, well control AND lifting training packages
  • NEW module-driven route-to-competency learning system 
  • User friendly app-based system for rapid familiarisation
  • On-the-job training without the need for instructors to be present
  • Continuous training improves knowledge retention, improving safety, efficiency and ops performance. 

Full details on the OTR Simulator

DrillSIM 600 logo

  • Single-seat full-sized cyber simulator for modern simulator training
  • Train in safety improving confidence, capability and safe operations
  • Assess, identify and improve gaps in operational knowledge
  • Fully immersive multi-screen surround graphics 
  • Unlimited scenario (snapshot) exercises
  • Rig-floor and downhole graphic representations
  • All major rig control systems can be provided

Full details on the DrillSIM-600




DS-6000 3

DrillSIM 6000 logo

  • Full-sized dual-chair cyber-rig simulator.
  • The ultimate in fully immersive simulation systems
  • Huge flexibility  - multi-screen to full dome-projection graphics
  • Driller and assistant driller management system
  • Fully bespoke packages available
  • Rig crew training and problem solving exercises
  • Gap analysis assessment capability 
  • Reduce non-productive time
  • Improve safety, efficiency and performance 

Full details on the DrillSIM-6000

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