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6 elements 5As the industry returns to full strength, the requirement for experienced and competent personnel will increase.
Recently, a significant number of personnel with the required experience and competence levels for safe and efficient operations have left the industry or have been away for a considerable amount of time with resultant ‘skill rustiness’.
This shortfall in competent and experienced personnel now requires organisations to develop effective workforce planning programmes that ensure their operations are
conducted safely and efficiently 100% of the time.

Our Accelerated Development Programmes (ADP) are competence based and fully integrate the On-The-Rig (OTR) simulator together with your organisation’s
training and competence programmes, to provide a clear strategy and plan to achieve effective succession. These effective accelerated development programmes
provide organisations with a structured and cost-effective method to successfully fill the shortage in manpower resources by supporting development from within the organisation which additionally further supports nationalisation programmes. It will also be just as
critical for organisations to develop retention initiatives for its own experienced and competent personnel by providing accelerated development programmes
that promote succession and career progression.

Our services in accelerated development programmes include:

  • Creation of accelerated development programmes for high reliability positions
  • Development of competence assessment programmes
  • Rig site and simulator assessments
  • Creation of individual development plan for operational team members