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Ensure the highest levels of competency across your operations through ongoing competency assessment and personnel development.


Drilling Systems competency training programmesMove from Assumed to Verified competence 

Many simulators are deployed purely for gaining the basic levels of accreditation to obtain certification to work within the industry.

When correctly deployed within rig operations infrastructure, simulation can be used not just to train but to continually assess and develop skills competencies which would previously have been 'assumed' through experience or accreditation.

Combining the power of simulation with ongoing assessment and training of operations crew, ensures the highest levels of competency across the platform environment.


By reducing skills-fade and 'rustiness' safety and efficiency on the rig can be hugely improved, ultimately leading to significantly higher performance delivery across operations. This can be achieved by analysing and verifying competency and, where necessary, developing training programmes to improve skills, processes and procedures. 

Human factors is the single biggest challenge to the industry currently and incorporating both technical and non-technical training via simulation in a safe environment, means that theory can be put into practice and 'experienced' within the simulator adding real value to previous training based on theory.    

Combined with our market leading simulator technology at the core of what we do, we can deliver industry leading competency programmes from our IAS team to help maximise gains in safety and performance within your working crews.


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