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Partnering with Pan American Energy

Pan American Energy InstallationDrilling Systems, have teamed up with Pan American Energy and its Energy Learning Center (ELC) team in Argentina, to provide a combination of new simulation equipment and new integrated training and development programmes to help overhaul and maximise the efficiency of their drilling operations.

PAE and DS embarked on a new 3 step process, an industry first to ensure that the entire operational model was transformed.

• Phase 1 – Operational Assessments of all Drilling Units, Crews and Operational and Training Programs.

• Phase 2 – The development of new Operational, Training and Develop programs based on PAE operational needs built around a new Training Facility incorporating a new state of the art Drilling and Well Control Simulation solution.

• Phase 3 – The installation of a new training solution at the ELC and development of PAE instructors to deliver their new programs using the new simulator which incorporated an Operational Reality ™model of their Drilling Rig.

DSIP classroomThe Drilling Systems IAS team spent several weeks with the PAE operations team in Comodoro Rivadavia City looking at their whole rig operations processes, procedures, training programmes and crew competencies on each of their 5 rigs working closely with Rig Crews and management.

After this initial analysis, the report submitted by Drilling Systems provided a high level of insight for PAE. It identified where key improvements could be made in processes and procedures.  This was then incorporated into training and competency assessment programmes working alongside their new training simulators to make real and quantifiable improvements in their rig operations efficiency and performance.

This approach, for the first time, connects operational needs with simulation technology which ensures increased operational value, goes beyond simulation for purely training and builds a long-term sustainable program PAE can develop and evolve.

Graeme Eglintine, Director of IAS explains; “While our training simulators sit at the core of operations training, additional investment in the people and services to analyse all aspects of operations to build a full understanding of where your operations reside against accepted standards and then building a completely integrated, but more importantly, continuous training solution, is the real key to success in efficiency and safety gains.”   

DSIP 1Oscar Alvarez, Executive Manager of Operational Quality states; "Training based on simulation consists of replicating activities in as close to the ‘real environment as we can get, but within a controlled environment.  This allows us to accelerate the learning process and above all generate a space for the transfer of knowledge. 

Our new well-drilling cyber-simulator will promote teamwork by simulating operations, identifying hazards and assessing their associated hazards. In creating our new training programmes with the help of the Drilling Systems IAS team, we have been able to create an iterative process of continuous learning across the organization. This will markedly improve standards and build a safety culture through our new "immersive" training capabilities. This is particularly important within our industry where there is zero tolerance for any deviation from specified performance standards and we are proud to be leading the way with the development of the ELC and the addition of our brand-new Drilling Systems Cyber Simulator.”

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