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On The Rig

OTR (On The Rig) simulators revolutionise how training is delivered for the drilling industry, allowing training to be conducted on-rig instead of at dedicated training facilities.

OTR brings together the use of:

  • Simulation technology at its core; and
  • The most comprehensive learning system.

These two elements are now available in a single package to deliver continuous training, development and competence assessment.

Product Range

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  • Our latest and fully portable multi-discipline training simulator designed specifically for work-site competency assesment and training
  • Drilling, well control AND lifting training packages
  • NEW module-driven route-to-competency learning system 
  • User friendly app-based system for rapid familiarisation
  • On-the-job training without the need for instructors to be present
  • Continuous training improves knowledge retention, improving safety, efficiency and ops performance. 

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