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New training simulator installed at University of North Dakota.

UND install pic 2The University of North Dakota has just installed its first full-scale drilling and well control simulator in its new pioneering Collaborative Energy Complex (CEC), home to the UND Department of Petroleum Engineering and Institute for Energy Studies. The simulator provided by Drilling Systems, will enable them to hugely expand their teaching capabilities in the field of oil and gas drilling operations and well control, a standard of knowledge and experience now expected of new students entering the industry.
Their new Drilling Systems 5000 ‘conventional’ drilling simulator replicates a real drill-floor environment in exacting detail, providing a real-life experience for students, researchers and professionals alike. The simulator allows the instructor team to set up any drilling and well control scenario based on actual events experienced in the field. Learning within such a real-world environment will not only allow the students to experience and learn how to carry out day-to-day drilling operations but also how to react and control stressful and potentially hazardous situations in complete safety. Training on full-scale simulators is a practice well known to many industries including commercial aviation, military, motorsports and other industries operating in potentially hazardous situations and has been shown to be a much more effective tool for knowledge retention and effective long-term skills training than traditional study methods.
‘This an excellent new training asset for us to have on site’ Vamegh Rasouli, Department Chair states, ‘it will now allow us to provide a very real true-to-life training experience for all of our students and will give us the additional benefit in the ability to challenge the students’ knowledge and skills under real-world situations in stressful and potentially hazardous scenarios in a way we couldn’t before.  ‘UND and the CEC can now be confident that the students we send out into the field as they start their careers will be of the very highest standard available today’.

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