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How simulators are helping smoother, faster, safer rig reactivations for the oil and gas industry

According to reports, several operators are planning major exploration drilling campaigns in the Gulf of Mexico over the next few months.

This renewed investment in the region is positive news however, critical to the success of rig reactivations and on-going operations, will be the level of workforce competency.

Numerous studies show better trained personnel are safer, more efficient and more productive.

A new game-changing approach to rig crew training for rig reactivations and start-ups has been developed by advanced simulator developer and manufacturer, Drilling Systems. The approach combines realistic simulator training, which is delivered at the rig site, with operational readiness assessments and performance coaching to fill in competency gaps.

Using Drilling Systems’ On-The-Rig (OTR) simulator with full capabilities and realistic graphics, combined with on-the-job coaching, means more time for individuals to be assessed and a wider range of scenarios tested. Crews can practise high risk operational situations in safety, which could never be replicated on the job. The experience helps crews gain knowledge and confidence and better prepares them for the real thing.

Because the simulator allows training to be done in advance of start-up, this solution assures crew competence by the time operations start.

The business benefits of this approach are obvious. At a time when the industry needs to embrace technology and look to ways to do things differently, having training technology in the field saves significant time and money as workers don’t need to be transported elsewhere for continuous learning and assessment. Skills can be delivered in situ keeping standards high and consistent.

But the key benefit is having well-prepared, fully competent crews who are able to start drilling activities in the field as and when needed.

Rig reactivations and start-ups will be smoother, faster and safer as a result.

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