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Wiess 3We are delighted to have partnered with Noble Drilling and the Houston Museum of Natural Science in creating a fully interactive Drilling Rig experience, one of the latest and most immersive exhibits appearing in the newly extended and redeveloped Wiess Energy Hall which opened its doors to the public on November 20th 2017.

Alongside the completely redesigned “classic” displays in the football-field sized 30,000 square feet of new display space, will be a bonanza of entirely new exhibits showing how the science of energy has become even more advanced over just a few short years. As the science has developed, so has the exhibition technology available to effectively tell that story. The introduction of new technologies like the Drilling Systems simulator makes the new hall the most contemporary, comprehensive and technologically advanced exhibition on the science and technology of energy anywhere in the world.

More used to providing cutting-edge simulation technology for the training of oil and gas personnel operating around the world, we were delighted to be invited to work alongside Noble in creating the amazing new Extreme Drilling exhibit.

Jim Krupa, Regional Director, Americas at Drilling Systems explains about the new Extreme Drilling Exhibit;

‘We are really excited to participate in this innovative new project inside the Wiess Hall.  In creating the Extreme Drilling experience, we’ve taken the same interactive and immersive simulation technology used in our real-world full-scale training simulators and adapted it to work within the museum environment so that visitors of all ages will be brought as close to real-world operations as it is possible to get, without actually being there’.

Wiess 2In the simulator, Visitors will be able to perform many of the key tasks performed on a rig including;

  • Operating a crane to transfer cargo from a supply vessel to the rigs deck.
  • The process of ‘stand building’, which is connecting multiple joints of pipe together to create one large stand and then racking it in the drill floor fingerboard where it will eventually be used to drill the well
  • ‘Tripping’ - the art of connecting a stand of pipe to the top drive and running in or ‘tripping’ into or out of the hole.
  • Drilling - learning about the complex procedures involved in drilling a well, including; operating mud pumps, rotating the drill pipe and touching the bit to the bottom.  The visitor will be able to see drilling fluid, often called mud, carrying rock cuttings to the surface and ending up at the ‘shale shaker’ which separates cuttings from the mud.
  • Experiencing and taking part in an emergency disconnect -  occasionally when seas are rough such as when a hurricane is coming, oil and gas platforms need to disconnect themselves from the sea bed to move to safer waters.

Wiess 1The Extreme Drilling exhibit is just one of the many highlights in the new Wiess Energy Hall from the visitor favorite ‘Geovator’ exhibit which has been revamped to the Eagle Ford Shale Experience, a 40-person shuttle piloted by a holographic guide on a wild ride out to Texas shale drilling country and down into the borehole of an oil well.

The opening of the new Wiess Energy Hall is another example of the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s commitment to exploring cutting edge science and enhancing the experience for their visitors and opened on November 20th 2017.

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