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The CemSIM range of simulators are designed and built to meet the specific training requirements of Cementing Companies. To date, Schlumberger Dowell and BJ Services have had their field equipment replicated into training simulators. Hardware controls and field instrumentation have been merged with software and input / output interfaces to create highly interactive training tools.

Applicable to entry level operator or advanced engineering skills training, the CemSIM simulators can be used to instruct individuals or complete cementing and pumping crews. The simulators are ideal for training personnel in equipment operations and advanced cementing operations as well as more advanced aspects such as well control incidents transpiring from poor cement job management.

The simulators can be used by an Instructor to demonstrate particular principles and operations of cement jobs, by Trainees under the direction of an Instructor for training exercises and of equal importance, as an independent assessment tool for competency based practical assessment.

The key objective of incorporating the classroom based simulation equipment is that it adequately replaces the real field equipment, whilst realising tangible benefits of reduced maintenance costs and improved environmental considerations. In addition, the simulator training environment has historically has provided trainees with the opportunity to focus on particular aspects of a executing a cement job whilst getting to grips with problematic areas in a close to reality environment. This achieves a reduction of time-to-job for the trainee requiring only marginal top up training on real field equipment before the trainee is ready to generate revenue for the company.