WirelineSIM-5000 Image

Data normally reserved for operators and service providers is the key to creating a real world, real time training simulator. Drilling Systems and its team of industry and software experts have been able to integrate data from real wells, real jobs and real incidents. As a result, Drilling Systems is pleased to announce the availability of their most advanced Wireline Training Simulator to date. p> 

Features of the Wireline simulator include;  

Bottom hole assembly components Surface equipment Completion equipment Assessment scenarios
Rope socket Wellhead Landing nipples Hydrostatic imbalance
Knuckle joint Wireline BOP and shear seal Sliding sleeve door Stuck in hole
Jars - hydraulic and spang Lubricator Side pocket mandrels Instrument failure
  Hay Pulley Sub-surface safety valve Calibration offset


To download the Wireline Simulator leaflet click here: