17 September 2009


As the well control industry heads to Denver, USA in August for the 2009 IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas, this edition of the O&G Review has a focus on our DrillSIM Customers.

Despite the global economic downturn, Drilling Systems has experienced its busiest year in the Company’s twenty-one year history. Demand for technically advanced training tools has never been more appropriate as more and more hi-tech “cyber” rigs enter service. Whilst some companies cut-back investment on training,
others are using this downturn to prepare themselves for the years ahead. Not only are clients investing in the new modern “cyber” rig simulators (DrillSIM-6000 & DrillSIM-600), they are also ordering the older “classic” rig simulators (DrillSIM-5000, DrillSIM-500 etc). HR and Organisational Development policies and programmes are moving the experienced drillers to the modern cyber rigs, so they need to be trained in joystick style drilling. This of course leaves a void in the staffing of older style rigs, so those driller and AD positions require training as well.

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