Drilling Systems is dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with all simulator users.  Our aftermarket service is focused on rapid technical support and continuous instructor engagement.  Drilling Systems offer several simulator support plans depending on the your preferences.  Our service offering includes the following benefits:

Simulator Upgrades

Drilling systems is continually developing and improving its technology and this offering is not something uniquely available to new customers.  With our simulator support plans, existing customers can benefit from access to the latest software and hardware upgrades to allow increased functionality and an improved user experience.

Remote & On-Site Technical Support

Our Technical Support team is available as your first port of call for any technical query you may have; whether you are experiencing technical issues or whether you have any questions about the operation of your simulator.  Technical Support teams are located in the UK, Dubai and Houston and can be mobilised worldwide.  Customers on a simulator support plan have access to our telephone technical support service which can accelerate the resolution time of technical issues with our ability to remotely access and troubleshoot simulators, wherever in the world they are located.

Instructor Training

Our simulators have a broad functionality and it is important to us that instructors are empowered to make the most of their simulators.  Drilling Systems offers instructor training courses suited for all products and all levels of instructor competence.  Our simulator support plans give customers access to regional training seminars as well as inclusive on-site training courses.


Drilling Systems performs routine preventative maintenance on all simulators both on-site for fixed simulators and in our UK facility for portable units.  Regular preventative maintenance can be included in our simulator support plans.


We help customers ensure their simulators are supported throughout the product lifecycle and with our simulator support plans, customers have access to discounts for all obsolescence upgrades.